The unknown daily war in the Aegean and the plan of the Turks

An unknown hybrid war is being waged every day in the Aegean, with the Turks trying to gray as many areas as they can.

Greek-Turkish: The unknown daily war in the Aegean and the Turks’ plan to gray Greek areas.

A hybrid war is being waged every day in the Aegean, and Turkish fishermen are taking an active part in it.

“They cast their nets for the Blue Homeland: Fishermen set up a minefield barrier in the Black Sea and for the Greek of the Aegean”, is the title of the article of the Turkish pro-government newspaper, Yeni Safak.

According to the Turks, “while the Turkish Armed Forces and Coast Guard continue to defend Turkey’s rights and interests in the Blue Motherland, Turkish fishermen stand guard.”

“Fishermen show the flag to the Greeks of the Aegean”, write the Turks.

“Turkish fishermen shouldered the command of the Turkish Armed Forces and the Coast Guard, which continued the uninterrupted surveillance of the Blue Motherland in the Aegean, the Black Sea and the Mediterranean,” it is emphasized.

“The Turkish flag is being displayed while fishing in international waters illegally claimed by Greece. The nets that have been set up for hunting in international waters also draw borders towards Greece”, underlines Yeni Safak.

We fish near the Greek islands. My boat was attacked by the Greeks in these waters last year. Recently, they have been trying to create tension due to political developments. I think they will harass us more this year. Here we warn our fishermen. We say, ‘let’s be careful, let’s not cause a war,'” said Mehmet Aksoy, who is a fisherman in Izmir.

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“If we didn’t fish here, the Greeks would have really taken over the Aegean. Our Navy protects our waters and we exercise our rights. We are the guardians of this sea, it makes us proud to fly the Turkish flag in these seas. We try not to jeopardize our safety while keeping the Blue Motherland watching as much as we can. We go proudly in our own waters. We will continue to keep vigil for the Blue Homeland”, says the Turkish fisherman.

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