The “Typhoon” called the Air Force and the Turkish “Tayfun” – Ankara is desperately looking for the antidote

The barrage of publications from the Turkish press about the supposedly great capabilities of the new Tayfun ballistic missile is indicative of the “seventh” that Ankara has for the Greek “hawks”

of Kostas Sarikas

Since they cannot deal with them in the air they are constantly looking for other ways to neutralize them. The clear supremacy of the Air Force over the Aegean and while the gap with the TuAF is constantly widening makes the neighbors more and more worried. The barrage of publications from the Turkish press about the supposedly great capabilities of the new Tayfun ballistic missile is indicative of the “seventh” that Ankara has for the Greek “hawks” and the growing anxiety about the inability of the Turkish air force to look the HAF “in the eye” .

“It reaches as far as Tanagra and even as far as Araxos or Andravida” the Turkish media report regarding the range of the Tayfun missile whose test in the Black Sea allegedly showed that it reached 500 km. The “nests” of the Greek fighters seem to be the first target of the neighbors since they seem to realize that this is the only way they will manage to “knock out” the Greek “hawks” before they even take off. And while there are still many potential targets of the “terrifying” Tayfun, the neighbors are focusing on our Air Force Bases and how they will manage to destroy them with a massive launch of ballistic missiles. As if the “hawks” of the HAF will wait on the ground for their Tayfun, how much more the Greek air defense will remain inactive waiting for the strikes from the Turkish coast or even further.

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The issue of air supremacy is clearly the neighbors’ biggest nightmare and their number 1 priority. In all scenarios, even the most optimistic ones, as it appears from all the reports of the Turkish analysts, nowhere recommend the air power of the TuAF. On the contrary. An ever-increasing phobic syndrome seems to be prevailing especially lately, while the Greek Air Force is being equipped and modernized, while the Turkish Air Force, on the contrary, is stagnating and taking steps back.

The upgrade of 83 Vipers, the first of which have already been delivered to the 340 Fighter Squadron, while the program is progressing at a rapid pace, especially the acquisition of 24 French Rafale fighters, seems to intensify the phobic syndrome of the neighbors towards the HAF. The coup and the deep wounds it left in the Turkish air force with the removal of a huge number of airmen, the serious maintenance problems of the fighter fleet and the inability to modernize or buy new aircraft turn the TuAF into a backup role.

And while the neighbors would have already received the first of a total of 100 F-35 fighters, drastically changing the balance in the region, the acquisition of the Russian S-400 leaves them not only without Stealth fighters, but also with serious problems in the aircraft they have. The anxiety is obvious if one sees the furious effort they are making to change at least the current data and break the American “block” in order to acquire 40 F-16s and manage to modernize another 80. “America is not alone way out for us. When necessary, we also discuss alternative solutions outside the US,” Tayyip Erdoğan emphasized just yesterday once again, proving that the neighbors are at an absolute impasse.

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