The “Tyfonas” of EL.AS. in Evros

MRAP Typhoon GSS-300 armored vehicles continuously patrol the northeastern border of the country.

The five blue armored vehicles with the POLICE insignia on the side have been offering their services to the border guards of the Hellenic Police for the last few months. These are vehicles of great capabilities and high safety for the crew.

Their mission is to patrol the banks of the river Evros along the fence, day and night, with the aim of guarding the border and detecting migrant smuggling rings.

The MRAP Typhoon GSS 300 is 6.67 meters long, 2.50 meters wide, 2.50 meters high and weighs 12.5 tonnes. It has a crew of two and can carry 8 equipped soldiers/police.

The anti-ballistic armor withstands long-range calibers and barrage of fire, and can also withstand being hit by mines. Also, the cabin is hermetically sealed and can protect its crew even from hits with chemical weapons.

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