The Turks were disturbed: “Night exercise of the Greek ED in the Evros, tanks crossed the river”

The Turks were disturbed by the impressive night exercise in Evros!

What they say:

“On Thursday, June 30, 2022, Units of the 4th Army Corps (4th SS “Thraki”) conducted night operational training at the Center for the Training of Floating Means (KEPM) of Northern Evros.

The training, among other things, included the conduct of the exercise “The Motorized Infantry Company Group at the Opportunity River Crossing”.

Military exercises continue non-stop in Greece throughout the summer months. A night river crossing exercise was carried out by the Greek Armed Forces from the military units of the 4th Corps in the area of ​​Western Thrace.

The exercise, involving armored mechanized divisions and infantry battalions, continued until the first light of day.

The article:

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