The Turks “target” Kastelorizo: “Greeks sent an illegal army”

The Turks are “targeting” Kastelorizo ​​once again, while another of Erdogan’s advisers is launching threats against our country.

What the Turks say:

Located in the Dodecanese region, Kastelorizo ​​is often a tool for Greek propaganda. Athens has also equipped the island, but it should not have an army. Kastelorizo, which has an area of ​​10 square kilometers, is about 2 km from the Kaş region of Antalya. It can be seen even with the naked eye.

One of the islands left in Greece with the Treaty of Paris signed in 1947 after World War II…

Kastelorizo, located in the eastern part of the Dodecanese, is of great strategic importance. This is where the dispute over the areas of maritime jurisdiction between Turkey and Greece in the Eastern Mediterranean comes into play.

Athens claims that although the islands are very small, they have the same maritime jurisdiction as the mainland. This is clearly contrary to both international law and custom.

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said: “We leave the meaning of claiming 40 km of maritime jurisdiction for the island of Kastelorizo, which is less than 2 km from the mainland of our country and more than 600 km from Greece.”

Athens violates the Treaty of Paris, equips Kastelorizo

Kastelorizo ​​had to be disarmed in accordance with the Treaty of Paris. However, Athens equipped the island.

Military activity recorded in 2020

Just like in the 15 Aegean islands that he armed in a similar way, the military activity on the island was broadcast by TRT Haber in 2020. Images from the mission of Greek soldiers on the island also appeared in international agencies.

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The Greek authorities are provoking

In addition to armaments, Greek officials often make provocative visits to Kastelorizo. The President of Greece landed on the island with a military helicopter, accompanied by F-16 fighter jets.

Another high-ranking official visited Kastelorizo. The Chief of GEETHA also toured in Kastelorizo. ”

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