The Turks make fun of Greece – Comedy UAV from Athens

Greek-Turkish: The Turks are making fun of Greece, with Athens being mocked for posting where the first Greek UAV was presented.

The Turks did not leave unoccupied the expression “UAVs that will make the Turks tremble” that accompanied the post.

Social media users likened Greece’s UAV to a toy model.

“Did you buy it from the market?” one netizen asked, Turks note.

“The Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) was designed by the initiative of three universities in Greece, to compete with Turkey, which has a say in the technology of unmanned vehicles in the world,” reports the Turkish

“It is considered that the UAV, which can stay in the air for about 2 hours, will compete with Bayraktar TB2 and AKINCI, which broke flight records in Turkey. The most striking feature of the Greek UAV is its similarity to the Bayraktar TB2 SİHA, a product of the Baykar company. The Greek newspaper Greek City Times announced the unfinished UAV to its readers as “The UAV that the Turks are trembling with,” the Turks write.

According to because the UAV “was like a toy, reactions on social media did not take long. Many Turkish and Greek users made fun of the UAV.”

The controversial drone was also recently mentioned by Finance Minister Staikouras, it is noted.

“The second quarter of the work of the “Archytas” program, which aims at the design and industrial production of the first autonomous multi-purpose vehicle, has been completed,” said the minister, the Turks report.

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