The Turks are setting the scene for new Imias: “The Greeks placed flags in Pserimos, let’s take them down”!

The Turks are out of control, who provoke once again with their provocative article!

What they say:

“The campaign to plant a flag on the rocks near the Imia Islands, off Halicarnassus in Greece and near the island of Keçi (Pserimos) caused strong reactions. Ümit Yalım, former secretary general of the Ministry of National Defense, said: “The Ministry of Foreign Affairs should urgently issue a note and ensure that these flags come down.”

The townspeople started building an observatory by planting Greek flags on the rocks on the Turkish side of Keçi (Pserimos) Island, which is 4 miles from the Turgutreis area of ​​the Muğla district of Halicarnassus.

The article:

Giant Greek flags and observatory

The operation started 15 days ago by residents of the rural Pserimos, to fill the rocks of the island with Greek flags sent by “Egnatia road” continued.

Captain Michalis Arvithis, with the help of the permanent residents of the island, Yiannis Anatolitis and Mike Mavros, went up to the north side of Pserimos opposite the Asia Minor coast, erected a metal mast on the building that was built as a wild bird observatory and remains inactive, and raised the Greek flag, which is visible to all passing ships.

In a statement Ümit Yalım said: “Greeks should never be allowed to place flags on these rocks, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs should urgently issue a special report to take down the flags. The best answer should be given to those who show the Greek flag on the rocks that belong to Turkey.”

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