The Turks are afraid: the Greeks will destroy our fleet like in Navarino

The Turks continue the war scenarios with Greece, escalating the games of provocation against our country.

In Turkey, they are even discussing the possible outcome of a war with Greece if the US helps it.

At the same time, the Turkish press is talking about turning Alexandroupolis into a naval base, which they are comparing with the one (the base) of Souda.

Fears for a new Navarino

The war scenarios were specifically mentioned by the Turkish Vice-Admiral Haki Pekin who characteristically mentioned that if something like this happens then there will be a repetition of the naval battle of Navarino, speaking, according to SKAI correspondent Manolis Kostidis, about the destruction of the Turkish fleet in Aegean.

As he explains, the US and Greece do not have the power to carry out a ground operation, but the Turkish fleet and air force will suffer total destruction.

He stated in detail: “You know that the USA and Greece cannot invade Turkey by land.

“Their power is not enough.

“But they can start a conflict in the Aegean and destroy our navy, when it starts from its base in Golcuk together with the USA, as they did in Navarino.

“They could destroy our Air Force because of the weakness of our Air Force.

“Today she is not weak, but in the future we do not know.

“If you leave this Turkey without an Air Force, an inadequate Air Force and a damaged Navy, then Turkey will go back to the old ways and try to build a Navy again.”

For Alexandroupoli

According to the same information, the Turkish press is talking about the plans of the USA in Alexandroupolis, with the subject even making the front page of Hurriyet.

“The plans of Dedeagats”, is the title of the publication of the Turkish newspaper and it talks about converting Alexandroupolis into a naval base.

“They are building a new Souda for the Greeks,” he says characteristically.

In particular, Hurriyet comments that US destroyers may also be approaching, while emphasizing that Alexandroupoli is only 40 thousand from Turkey.

Turkish concern also exists for Crete, where the publication states that appropriate landing bases for F-35s will be built on the island.

The annoyance in the neighboring country is, however, evident, and the issue has taken on a large extent in the television media, which presented it in news bulletins.

“Greece will repay the harassment with blood”

All this happens a few hours after the new provocative statements against Greece made by the president of the Nationalist Action Party, Devlet Bakhceli, a member of the co-government of Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

His government partner Recep Tayyip Erdogan has again threatened to invade Greece, saying to Kyriakos Mitsotakis.

The president of the Nationalist Action Party noted that the day would come “to make you pay for your harassment with our blood and lives.”

“The Prime Minister of Greece, Mitsotakis, declared that instead of night, let us come during the day.

“Gladly and running we will come to cover your day, as if it were night, and make you pay for your molestations with our blood and our lives.

“Then neither your bosses nor your partners will be able to protect you,” he said characteristically.

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