The Turkish authorities hide the number of their dead soldiers

Hundreds of dead Turkish soldiers have been transferred to the Hakari Mountain Commando Brigade and Fatih Camp in recent months, but the authorities are hiding these casualties from the public.

Many soldiers and gendarmes are dying every day in Turkey’s ongoing war in the rebel-held Medya Defense Zones in southern Kurdistan (northern Iraq).

Most of these deaths are unexplained, some are reported as accidents or even as being caused by insect bites.

Mount Hakari Commando Brigade and Fatih Camp are among the main bases used in the war. Military preparations take place at these bases throughout the day as soldiers and gendarmes are transported to and from conflict areas. Dead soldiers and gendarmes are also taken to the aforementioned military bases.

In the past, ceremonies were held for the dead soldiers in the camp, with the participation of the heads of the Turkish state bodies. In fact, the presence of the authorities was mandatory. However, it has recently been revealed that no military ceremony is taking place at the Mount Hakari and Fatih camps anymore. Not only that, but sometimes soldiers’ corpses are sent directly to Van, instead of being taken to Hakari first.

Noting that dozens of military helicopters take off and land from the military bases every day, a security source stated: “Since spring, hundreds of dead soldiers have been flown to the base. These deaths are not reported in the press, they are hidden from the public. The number of bodies being transported is so great that they are forced to hide them.”

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