The Turkey-Libya pact is shaking in the air! How Ankara failed at the UN Security Council and what Greece should do

Greece should focus on creating a coalition of states that will stand up to Turkish aggression in Libya, while calling for sanctions against Turkey from the UN Security Council and the EU

According to an article in a reputable Greek media, “the Turkish ambassador to the United Nations, Feridun Hadi Sinirlioglu, requested without success that Article 6 be deleted from a text under negotiation regarding the United Nations Support Mission in Libya, UNSMIL, according to which prohibits Dbeiba’s government from entering into new international agreements.

This could damage Ankara’s ambitions to conduct hydrocarbon exploration in Libyan waters.”

Also according to a Libyan media article, “The Speaker of the Libyan House of Representatives (HoR), Aguila Saleh, has sent an official letter to the UN Secretary General, Antonio Guterres, regarding the nullity of any memorandums of understanding concluded by the Government of National Unity (GNU) led by Abdel Hamid Dbeibeh, noting that they have no legal force and do not bind the Libyan state.

Saleh explained that the mandate of the Dbeibeh government had constitutionally expired under the terms of the political agreement and had not fulfilled the tasks set out in the roadmap issued by the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum (LPDF) issued in December 2020.

The President of the HoR said that the Dbeibeh government was involved in the conclusion of memorandums of understanding and agreements for oil and gas exploration in its EEZ in the eastern Mediterranean with Turkey, in violation of Article VI, tenth paragraph of the LPDF.

It is worth noting that the sixth article of the tenth paragraph of the political agreement states that “the executive authority does not consider, during the preliminary stage, new or previous agreements or decisions that harm the stability of the foreign relations of the Libyan state or impose long-term obligations on it” .

Saleh said that “committing this deliberate violation will destabilize the security and stability of the eastern Mediterranean region and with the neighboring countries of Egypt, Greece and Cyprus.”

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The above move by the Turkish diplomat in itself shows the reckless and completely unfounded nature of the signing of the recent agreement between Turkey’s straw man in Libya Dbeiba and Turkish Foreign Minister Çavuşoğlu for the joint exploitation of hydrocarbons in terms of International Law. of Libya located either on its territory or in its alleged EEZ.

As Greece, we should focus on this in order to achieve the creation of a coalition of states that will stand against Turkish aggression, while at the same time requesting the imposition of sanctions against Turkey by the UN Security Council and the EU.

We say alleged EEZ, since it is known that the demarcation made between Libya and Turkey is completely illegal, since it was derived from the arbitrary and without any legal basis Turkish-Libyan memorandum Erdoğan-Sarraj, which contradicts the Law of the Sea Agreement.

In reality, the Turkish and Libyan EEZs do not border, since the Greek and Egyptian EEZs are interposed between them, the boundaries of which were partially determined, from the 28th meridian (which intersects Rhodes at the height of Lindos) and further west, following a signature between of the Ministries of Foreign Affairs of Greece and Egypt.

In addition, Dbeiba’s term as interim Prime Minister is known to have ended a long time ago and therefore he has no power and jurisdiction to sign agreements with other states, as he recently did with Turkey, according to the Speaker of the House of Representatives of Libya (HoR), Aguila Saleh, who also sent a relevant letter to the UN Secretary General.

After all, the Libyan Parliament has placed Bashaga in the Prime Minister position of the country, until elections are held.

Turkey’s plan is simple and based on mutual economic gain on the basis of Win-Win with Libya. Knowing in advance that Turkey would have to in order to achieve its goals of usurping the Greek EEZ and imposing fait accompli, it would have to update the illegal Turkish-Libyan memorandum Sarraj-Erdogan, with a new agreement.

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Thus, throughout the previous period, she supported militarily with the pro-Turkish mercenaries that she has in Libya, Dbeiba, who is in fact deprived of any institutional power, since his term ended, in order to use him, which he did, in his signature of a recent memorandum for the exploitation of natural gas fields in the sea and on land of Libya together with Turkey.

Erdoğan therefore created the fertile ground, on the basis of the mutual gain of a significant part of the EEZ for Libya and Turkey, in order to show that Turkey is a pillar country to ensure significant gains for any new government of Libya, which wanted to emerge both now and government of National Unity, as well as after the elections.

This is the reason why both the Prime Minister of Libya Basaga and Dbeiba whose term has ended went to Turkey, following an invitation.

In this way, Turkey is trying to get into a driving position for the future developments in Libya, ensuring the acceptance by all the political forces of Libya, of the illegal new Dbeiba-Turkey memorandum for the theft of the Greek EEZ of southern Crete.

Turkey is attempting to make Libya its military satellite, taking over under an agreement with Dbeiba the training of Libyan pilots and reinforcing his government with drones.

The aim of the Turks is to significantly lengthen and also to increase their possible axes of attack against our country, in order to disperse our forces in Thrace-Aegean-SE Mediterranean-Crete-Ionian (from the direction of Avlona in Albania), believing that this would facilitate the achievement of surprise at our expense.

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