The steel shield of the Nation! Linking Armored History – From Horses to Chariots

Friday 21/10, at the Armored Training Center, the home of the black cap, a pairing of the history of our Weapon took place. It was presented in the presence of A/GES Antgos Har. Lalousi, Armored Axkos, for the first time after decades the newly organized Ili Ippikou, with the first owner the Brigadier general Mr. Dimitrios Stergiou-Kapsalis, former Mayor of Penteli for 4 consecutive four years.

There was a coupling of the horse and the chariot, with a demonstration and parade of the horses and chariots of the Greek Army, as well as a parade of old vehicles of the Friends of Military Vehicles Club. And then there was a demonstration of the chariots with an obstacle course.

Seeing the older tanks, such as the M series, being fully restored and functional (especially the M24, M48, M48A3-A5, etc.), all of us older ones who attended the event, passed before us the years we served in armored units , with our beloved iron beasts, the steel shield of the Nation, in their training, exercises, maintenance, hardships, joys and sorrows we experienced.

The event was organized by GES/DIT, with the approval and support of Mr. A/GES. And other types of tanks, such as the M47, M48, etc., come renovated and functional.

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