The secret card of the Turks to convince the US to give them F-35 and F-16

Greek-Turkish: The secret card of the Turks to convince the USA to give them F-35 for cooperation with the Turkish drones.

The Turks are looking for ways to find next-generation fighters after the US expelled Turkey from the program to build and buy 100 F-35s.

Now, Ankara puts into the equation the partnership of Turkey and the US against China and Russia and the precious lands.

But how are the precious earths connected to the F-35s and the Americans?

The Turks note that rare earths (i.e. recently discovered in Turkey) play an important role in the production of UAVs and F35s.

Thus, the Turks included the precious lands in the oriental bazaar to convince the Americans.

According to Yunis Sharifli, the rare earths recently discovered in Turkey, which constitute the second largest reserves in the world, can have a significant impact on the country’s economy and political relations.

Rare earths are essential for the long-term viability of new technologies.

“The largest deposits of rare earths in the world are in China, while the fourth largest reserves of REEs (ie rare earths) are in Russia. These two countries account for 57 percent of the world’s known REE reserves,” it noted.

In recent years, Western countries have been working to develop REE reserves to diversify their imports and reduce dependence on China and Russia, with Turkey taking on the role of a useful supplier.

Turkey wants to show that it is necessary for the West and secure the supply chain for its defense sectors. And when this is done (s.s. or in order to do this) Ankara will ask for compensation.

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