The Russian ambassador talks about the total destruction of Greek-Russian relations for many years

A worrying message for Athens while, as is well known, Kyiv is asking us for the change for the transfer of Russian oil from Greece.

Russian Ambassador to Greece Andrey Maslov stated that the bilateral relations between Russia and Greece were destroyed by the Greek government’s policy.

According to him, contacts and cooperation have completely ceased.

Maslov made this statement today Tuesday on the air of the Rossiya-24 TV channel.

“Since the end of February, our bilateral relations have been completely destroyed, they no longer exist, there is no cooperation, contacts, in a word, developments, all the rich series of bilateral relations that have existed for many decades, have been canceled,” said the Russian ambassador.

At the same time, he emphasized that while Greece has long chosen a course towards the West.

“The course of solidarity with the common western line has long been chosen. After all, Greece is a member of NATO with experience since 1952, a member of the European Union also with experience, while Greece has always been oriented towards the Western world,” said Maslov.

On June 27, the Ambassador of the Hellenic Republic to the Russian Federation, Ekaterini Nasika, was summoned to the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, who expressed a strong protest against the confrontational course of the Greek authorities towards Russia, including the supply of weapons and military equipment to the Kiev regime and declaring a group of Russian diplomats in Greece as persona non grata,” the Russian diplomatic service said in a statement.

According to PENTAPOSTAGMA, on July 20, Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin signed an order to expand the list of countries unfriendly to Russia. Among these countries was Greece, which in recent years has openly pursued a hostile policy towards Russia.

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Regardless of how the Turks present their country as a supposedly strong and fast-growing power capable of putting Americans and Europeans in their place, the stark reality is that Ankara is afraid to take serious action against Greece-Cyprus due to economic weakness.

Our country became embroiled in a conflict in Ukraine, inexplicably siding with Kiev, when all it should have done was to defend the thousands of Ukrainian Greeks from right-wing neo-Nazis and the Russian invasion.

Therefore, despite the Greek stance, and the sending of valuable Greek military aid to Ukraine, the Zelesny regime threatened us due to the transport of Russian oil by Greek tankers, according to the Greek press.

This was the “thank you” of the Ukrainians for our stand against Moscow, following previous failed moves of our country (campaign in Ukraine in 1919).

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