The plan for Greek submarines that brings concern to Turkey

The plan of the leadership of the Navy foresees the upgrade of five submarines by 2023 and the acquisition of seven new ones.

Submarines: The construction of six “Type 214” by Turkey with the granting of the license and know-how by the Germans mobilized the leadership of the Armed Forces in time, which is preparing a permanent counter-attack.

The Navy, under the Chief of the Naval General Staff, Vice-Admiral Stylianos Petrakis, begins at the beginning of 2023 the program to strengthen the submarine fleet, which includes the modernization of a total of five submarines already in its ranks, as well as the construction of seven new ones .

The main advantage of the 4+1 submarines is the propulsion achieved by a 3,900 kW electric motor, combined with the anaerobic propulsion system (AIP), i.e. the production of electricity from liquid fuel cells.

Simply put, this modern system frees submarines from charging procedures that make them vulnerable to detection by anti-submarine units.

This was the advantage that the Armed Forces took full advantage of in the summer of 2020, when Turkey sent the research vessel “Oruc Reis” to the Eastern Mediterranean, inside the Greek continental shelf, which brought the two fleets a breather from the heated episode.

So while the Turkish navy will receive the new submarines in 2023, the country will begin to put its own in upgrade programs, to maintain its supremacy on the seabed.

At the same time, the first MH-60R helicopters, also known as “ROMEO”, are ready to be received by the Navy, which are the most advanced in the world in anti-submarine warfare operations.

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This is a program that “ran” with the personal actions of the head of GEETHA, Konstantinos Floros.

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