The next two Rafales have been received – When are they coming to Greece?

From Savvas D. Vlassis

With the receipt procedures completed in the previous days, the next two Rafale F3R fighters that belong to the Air Force and officially, are expected to travel to Greece in the coming days. These are, as we have reported, the first two of a batch of six new-build aircraft expected to roll off Dassault’s production line, both EG single-seaters and tail numbers “450” and “451”.

The receipt of the two planes took place in France last week, specifically on October 27 and 28. The process of receiving each aircraft by the relevant Air Force Control & Receipts Committee takes one day, as stipulated in the contract, and includes a full check of all the records of the critical materials of the aircraft and an analysis of the test flight previously carried out by the manufacturing company.

As we previously reported, while the delivery of one plane per month is planned, the Air Force had requested, for practical and security reasons, that the transfer flight of the planes be carried out in pairs. Ultimately, this will now be done with the two specific planes, which rolled off the production line in September and October. This practice is likely to be implemented in the future as well, with the third plane coming off the production line at the end of November and the fourth in mid-December, so they may both fly to Greece just before Christmas.

After the collection process, a few days are required to prepare the plane for the trip to Greece. However, as Monday and Tuesday are public holidays in France, it is considered more likely that the flight will take place next week, perhaps on November 8 to coincide with the Air Force holiday.

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