The ‘Neptune Strike’ by the Armed Forces and the 6th Fleet

NATO’s big exercise with the GEORGE HW BUSH aircraft carrier, with Turkey once again left out.

by Christos Mazanitis

The Hellenic Armed Forces are the guarantor of stability in the wider Mediterranean area and are now the stable ally with which the rest of NATO forces want to cooperate.

The vote of confidence in Greece by the countries of the Alliance is confirmed more and more often, despite the equal distance policy of NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg.

From yesterday, Thursday, until October 28, the Greek Armed Forces will take part in the NATO Exercise NEPTUNE STRIKE on specific dates.

According to information from, DEP fighter aircraft and units will cooperate with both F-18 fighters of the George H. W Bush aircraft carrier and Canadian F-18s.

The co-training will take place at the Athens FIR and Shooting Ranges.

Also in the next few days joint exercises of the Navy and the Air Force with HMS DEFENDER and fighter aircraft of the United Kingdom will take place.

The participation of our country in “NEPTUNE STRIKE – 22” and in a series of joint trainings is part of the wider planning of the GEETHA in terms of the international cooperation of the Armed Forces to increase their fighting capacity and their interoperability at the Allied level, strengthening the role of Greece as a factor of security and stability in the Mediterranean region and beyond.

The photos are from the participation of the Greek Armed Forces in “NEPTUNE STRIKE – 22”, which took place in the wider Mediterranean sea area with the aircraft carrier USS HARRY S. TRUMAN last February.

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