The Navy, its submarines and…the “Mars”

The fact that the structure of the PN foresees a ceiling of ten submarines does not mean that it is looking for seven new ones

Much has been written and even more has been said and communicated lately about future or current Navy equipment programs.

Marinos Gasiamis

The fact is that, especially now, a publication that referred to the acquisition of 7 new submarines by the navy caused a sensation, creating at least irritation in the leadership of the Navy.

The reason is very simple. The leadership of the Navy certainly wants, like any leadership of a weapon, the renewal of its hardware but knows very well that funds for 7 new submarines are non-existent.

Those who fantasize about cruisers, frigates, corvettes, submarines and navasthams in Crete, and in fact in significant numbers, are at least ethereal, as there is neither the money, nor the personnel, and to a large extent neither the essential planning for such a thing.

One might say, then why so many publications and analyzes and events etc etc. Because quite simply “there is a lot of money on Mars” and the companies manufacturing defense equipment, from the largest with planes, ships and armored vehicles, to the smallest, which manufacture screws, it feels like they are pushing through influential people to get a contract…

In this case, the fact that the structure of the PN foresees a ceiling of ten submarines, does not mean that it is looking for seven new ones. There are 4 “Papanikolis” class and one upgraded 209.

So in theory the Navy needs another 5 or 6 in order to retire the upgraded one and cover the gaps left by the retirement of the older ones. However, for none of this there is no money and no consultations. The priorities are new surface units and the modernization of MEKO which even this is at risk due to lack of money.

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Another serious problem that, at least temporarily, seems to be faced by the Navy through the allowance of sailing days, is the lack of executives, since while the young people came out very well qualified from the productive schools, there were not a few who chose to follow a career in the merchant navy.

What is certain is that the leadership and executives of the Navy have proven that all these years they have operated and are operating with discretion and certainly not with haste but with a speed commensurate with the demands of the times and the threats facing the country.

The choice of the French frigates proved that the PN is shaping its future and making leaps that should be respected by those who operate under other slogans and certainly not the “Great Maritime State”.

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