The national “ONE” responds to the Turkish “tsambakades”

This is an exercise-resounding message to Ankara with Greek wings covering the entire Aegean from Samothraki to Kastellorizo.

As Ankara escalates both its incendiary rhetoric and provocations mainly in the air throughout the Athens FIR testing the reflexes of our Air Force, the “hawks” of the HAF are responding on the ground. They relentlessly pursue the Turkish pilots, lock TuAF aircraft in their radars and guns and prove their superiority every day. They contrast the neighbors’ fake news with their aerial dominance with actions that approximate realistic conflict conditions and cause stress and irritation in the Turkish staff, which is looking for “victories” in every way, but they are not coming.

However, at the same time as the daily painful “lessons” of the Greeks flying the uninvited invaders, the Air Staff plans and implements training activities with dozens of daily fighter take-offs, while at the same time joint trainings with leading air forces are increasingly frequent. According to exclusive information from Newpost, the next major training project being prepared by our Air Force is the organization of a National “UNIOCHOS”, a large air exercise at the national level which is designed according to the standards of the international exercise “UNIOCHOS”. An exercise organized every spring by the HAF with a focus on the 117th Fighter Wing in Andravida in which the air cream of NATO participates but also other friendly countries such as Israel and in fact in recent years it has acquired a strong interdisciplinary character in accordance with the doctrine of GEETHA.

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The National “HINIOHOS” will be an air exercise similar to the international “HINIOHOS” with the participation of all the Fighter Squadrons of the HAF, which is planned and organized by the Tactical Aviation Headquarters and the KEAT-SOT, the Greek “Top Gun”, that is, the which is the leading aviation “school” for the Greek “hawks”. Early information suggests that it is scheduled for next October, will last at least a week and will include a series of complex air combat scenarios tailored to the Air Force’s operational doctrine. Large COMAO, fighter formations will “sweep” the Aegean and every corner of the Athens FIR and run simulations of realistic scenarios that will include all forms of air operations.

This is an exercise-resounding message to Ankara with the Greek wings covering the entire Aegean from Samothraki to Kastelorizo, but at the same time an opportunity for our Air Force to train in new scenarios based on threats from its neighbors. Another request for the HAF “falcons” is the gradual integration of the powerful Rafale into the operational planning with the first six French “bursts” being trained at an “after burner” pace while our Air Force expects at the end of 2022 the next six new ones game changer Rafale from France.

The Air Staff is already satisfied with the training level of the first fliers and technicians of the 332nd Fighter Squadron “falcon” just eight months since the state-of-the-art “Helderwings” landed in their “nest”, in the 114th Fighter Wing in Tanagra. With the HAF’s next leap coming soon when it begins taking delivery of the first upgraded F-16 Vipers.

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