The military staffs of Greece-Israel-Cyprus are on standby-Is a Turkish plan to challenge EuroAsia’s work being prepared?

The US will send a letter to Israel about the security of its and all of that country’s plans in the Eastern Mediterranean as a bulwark in Turkey

A big question mark is hovering in the Eastern Mediterranean, regarding a possible Turkish intervention during the works of the cable that will carry electricity from Israel to Cyprus, Greece and from there to the EU, on Friday October 14, 2022 onwards.

Work on laying the special cable will begin on Friday and the whole operation is seen as a prelude to the future construction of the East Med natural gas pipeline, which has become a life project for Europe after the explosion of the Nord Stream pipeline, the which supplied Germany and Europe with Russian gas.

The electrical interconnection project and the Turkish provocations are a cause for alarm

The route of the cable passes through a maritime area claimed by Turkey, between Cyprus and Crete.

The Turks have stated for a long time that the research studies in the seabed should have been done by the Turkish Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources, and that they bypassed Ankara all day and this will bring about a “response” on the ground from the Erdogan regime.

We already have coordination and preparations by Greeks, Israelis and Cypriots due to the project, while Egypt is also monitoring the area in question.

The general staffs of Greece, Israel and Cyprus are on alert due to the start of the project, having their own plans, while Egypt also entered the equation, after the visit of N. Dendias to Cairo, where he informed his Egyptian counterpart .

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Egypt is monitoring the EuroAsia Interconnector with its navy and all monitoring systems, since it is also preparing something similar with the Greek Kopelouzo group for the laying of an electricity transmission cable in Crete and mainland Greece, for the supply of the EU.

The Turks are mathematically certain that they are preparing something in the area between Cyprus and Crete, which they have demarcated on maps (which they publish on the internet) as a “Turkish EEZ”, illegally and arbitrarily of course, preparing for new excursions.

Possible Turkish provocation scenario in the Eastern Mediterranean

A very likely scenario from Ankara’s side would be the dispatch of a Turkish floating drilling rig, or survey ship accompanied by warships right at the site of the work by the EuroAsia Interconnector consortium.

What will the US do in the event of a military incident in the project area?

Will we have joint action by Greek, Israeli and Cypriot ships accompanied by fighter aircraft in every case?

How will the Turkish Navy and the research vessels of Turkey move in the next period?

Will the Turkish fleet dare to directly challenge the work of the EuroAsia Interconnector?

In any case, Turkey’s reaction is unknown and poses risks during the implementation of the works for laying the cable, even causing a very serious incident.

Letter from Biden in favor of Israel changes the facts in the Eastern Mediterranean

“Israel will receive from the US government a letter of guarantee clarifying that the US is committed to Israel’s security and economic rights in a scenario where Hezbollah or another party decides to challenge the maritime agreement that was signed,” says an Israeli expert. .

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The project is under construction and everything is on a tightrope

The EuroAsia Interconnector enters the construction phase with a set start date.

The groundbreaking ceremony for the EuroAsia Interconnector projects, which will connect Israel, Cyprus and Greece to mainland Europe, is scheduled to take place on Friday, October 14.

The EuroAsia Interconnector is a multi-terminal VSC-HVDC system that will connect the national grids of the three countries and include converter stations with submarine cables.

Following the approval of a grant of 658 million euros from the European financing mechanism Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) and 100 million euros from the Recovery and Resilience Fund, the project is moving into the construction phase.

The project is set to end Cyprus’ energy isolation as a member of the EU as it is the last member state to remain completely isolated with no electricity or natural gas interconnections.

This is the beginning of the huge plans to exploit electricity and natural gas, from Israel, Egypt, Cyprus and Crete of all deposits for the energy supply of Europe.

Will Turkey be able to cancel all these huge plans with its attitude? We think not at all.

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