The mighty Israeli Spike Nlos operational in Ebro and islands – When will the weapon system that “locks” the Turks be activated

“Cut and sewn” to support the defense in the Aegean but also in the Evros, the Israeli superweapon will be the tip of the spear of the Units at the country’s borders and will be Ankara’s new nightmare after the shock of acquiring Rafale fighters and Belharra frigates .

of Kostas Sarikas

Vertical ejection of the defensive armor of Evros, but mainly of the islands, implies the acquisition of the Israeli guided missiles Spike Nlos. The aim of the Army General Staff is for the lethal weapon system to be deployed on its land and sea borders and to become immediately operational within 2023.

According to Newpost’s information, the process of preparing the contract between the Ministry of National Defense and the General Directorate of Defense Equipment and Investments with the Israeli manufacturer Rafael is in the final stage. It is expected to be finalized and signed in the next period and certainly within 2022 so that at the beginning of next year the Spike Nlos will arrive in Greece, the training of the personnel will be completed and they will immediately become one of the most powerful armor systems for the defense of Greece country.

It is a weapon system which, as is characteristically emphasized in the Greek Staff, perfectly fits the defense doctrine of the Armed Forces and gives another dimension to the organization of the defense of Evros and the islands. It gives great depth and accuracy, making it a power multiplier that boosts the defenders’ operational capabilities. Especially in the case of the Aegean islands, in the hands of the guards of the Archipelago, it will be another deadly weapon in their quiver since it will form a defense shield against ships and helicopters, which will constitute the enemy’s weapon systems on which any attack attempt will be based and occupation.

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“Cut and sewn” to support the defense in the Aegean but also in the Evros, the Israeli superweapon will be the tip of the spear of the Units at the country’s borders and will be Ankara’s new nightmare after the shock of acquiring Rafale fighters and Belharra frigates .

According to the information, a total of 27 Spike Nlos systems are expected to be acquired, each of which will consist of three vehicles as well as drones for surveillance, identification and targeting. It will include the vehicle with the launchers, Fire Control and Direction vehicle and the radar system. The Spike Nlos will be the responsibility of the Anti-Tank Companies of the Units, while their operators will be permanent Executives, mainly EPOP, who will be trained and specialized on the powerful Israeli system.

With a range of up to 35 kilometers each missile will be able to “lock” and destroy targets with great precision such as landing craft but also larger ships, transport helicopters carrying commandos, attack helicopters and even special operations vessels. The speed and flexibility of the system make Spike Nlos an extremely difficult target since the vehicles can constantly change positions and proceed to fire without the slightest delay. Essentially, they will constitute the iron fist of the defense of each island and the tip of the spear against any airborne force.

The agreement in addition to the Spike Nlos for the Ground Army Units provides for additional systems that will be installed both on the Apache attack helicopters and on the gunboats of the “FIGHTER” class Fleet, as well as on the newly acquired American Unorthodox Warships MARK V as has already been revealed by the Newpost. A move that strengthens deterrence at the country’s maritime borders and enables devastating strikes to the Turkish coast and even further inland.

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Moving even at 50 mph, the fast and maneuverable MARK Vs can launch surprise strikes and deliver devastating strikes day and night on both surface and coastal targets.

However, the upgrading of the four MAHITIS-class gunboats that the Fleet has will also be vertical, with the Israeli guided missiles being placed on the ships. The range of 35 kilometers and the unique shooting accuracy provided by the Israeli weapon system turn them from simple patrol boats into extremely dangerous for the enemy. After all, the Israelis have already successfully installed the Rafael superweapon in their own naval units. Spike Nlos on Canoe Boats and Unorthodox Warships will essentially mean targeting Turkish forces before they even move from their shores to the Greek islands.

Additional Spike Nlos will be acquired to mount on the Apache attack helicopters as well. A weapon that enables the “steel arrows” of the Army Air Forces to deliver high-altitude strikes on any type of target both on land and at sea. And to make a key contribution to defense operations but also to counterattack scenarios even in hostile territory.

The overall program has a cost of 370 million euros and is divided into three sub-programmes. 270 will cost the Spike Nlos systems that will be deployed on the islands and Evro, 45 million euros for the Apache attack helicopters and 55 million euros for the Israeli guided missiles intended for the Fighter-class Gunboats and the MARK V Unorthodox Warfare Vessels of the Submarine Unit Navy Disasters.

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