The message of terror seen by Turkish pilots in the Aegean

Greek-Turkish: The message of terror that the Turkish pilots see in the Aegean is now familiar every time they go out.

“Now (Greece) has started the games of locking our planes on the radar,” notes the Turkish retired lieutenant general of the Turkish Air Force, Erdogan Karakos, in an interview.

According to Karakos, whose interview is reproduced by a Turkish journalist and analyst in the Turkish newspaper Milliyet, “the Greek warplane gives an electronic message: You are locked, you are on my target, I can fire my missile if I want to…”.

As noted, the Greek pilots are doing a kind of “test” for themselves on the Turkish jets.

At the same time, according to the opinion article of the distinguished Turkish journalist and analyst, Guneri Tsivaoglu, the question is what lessons are the Greek pilots learning from the Israelis.

According to this scenario, the Israelis could train the Greeks on how to… dismantle everything within 30 minutes, by destroying the Turkish fighters while they are in their hangars.

Essentially the Six Day War, where the Israelis beat the Egyptians, was decided in the first 30 minutes when the Israelis destroyed the Egyptian Air Force planes on the ground and paralyzed the Egyptian control systems.

However, the Turkish analyst emphasized in his article in Milliyet that he was happy to be informed that this scenario “cannot be implemented in Turkey”.

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