The Kurds warn us of a Turkish plan to indirectly cancel the Treaty of Lausanne with the aim of a new one of their own accord (Video)

If the Treaty of Lausanne is cancelled, we will return to the Treaty of Sevres

Kurdish official Abdulkadir Omar from the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria (AANES), spoke on the first day of the Kurdish conference in Switzerland, stating that Turkey is preparing a new Lausanne treaty, with an expansionary war in the Middle East, (and the threats against Greece in the Aegean).

Omar pointed to Turkey’s increasingly ongoing attacks and threats against Kurdish areas in Rojava, (Syria, Iraq), which, he said, “must be protected to avoid another Lausanne Treaty, meaning the pact of national oath with de facto occupation of territories by the Turks”.

In Turkey, the reasoning prevails that there are territories that belong to the Ottoman Empire, while the Kurds emphasize that Ankara has overthrown their dream of establishing the state of Kurdistan, for which they hoped the Europeans would help them.

The treaty signed 99 years ago in Lausanne, Switzerland divided “Kurdistan” into four parts. Since then, Kurds have suffered genocide, assimilation and massacres under the rule of another state in every part of Kurdistan.

Under the leadership of the KNK (Kurdistan National Congress), 57 political parties and organizations are organizing a joint conference to take a stand against the Lausanne Treaty from a Kurdish perspective. Many politicians, artists and academics from the four parts of Kurdistan and the diaspora attend the conference at the Rumine Palace in Ripponne Square where the Treaty of Lausanne was signed.

A new “Lausanne”, however, in a hypothetical scenario, would be the result of a serious conflict with “military means”, between Greeks and Turks in the Aegean and Eastern Mediterranean”, the leader of the Kurds M. Kragilian had mentioned some time ago.

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What does all this mean?

The Kurds warn that Erdogan will try to abrogate the Treaty of Lausanne indirectly, by occupying territories in Syria, Iraq, in order for Ankara to request later (no time specified), the integration of these areas, after a large-scale transfer of Turkish-speaking citizens has been implemented , and extermination of Kurds, Syrians etc.

This is the case of the province of Alexandretta, which was illegally occupied by the Turkish army in 1939, through…a referendum.

This way and the continuous Turkish invasions in the region, in the Aegean perhaps, are an indirect way to cancel the Treaty of Lausanne of 1923, with a new one, which would be butter on the bread of neo-Ottomanism, except that Greece did not will do Turkey this favor.

Whatever happens in the Aegean, the Turks will lose, since the international balance is now clearly against them, and this will be completed especially in the coming months, while contracts are running for hydrocarbon research, in Crete, Cyprus, Lebanon, etc.

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