The issue of the ex-officio resignations of EPOPs in the BtE by SYRIZA-PS

Occasion documents of our Federation, about the major problem with the ex officio demobilizations of EPOD due to premature reaching of age limits, the issue comes to the BtE within the framework of the parliamentary audit, with a petition filed by the member of parliament of Magnesia of SYRIZA-PS, Mr. Alexandros Meikopoulos, as follows:
REPORT For the Minister of National Defense SUBJECT: “Insurance / Pension Service of Professional Soldiers”.
The Member of Parliament for Magnesia of SYRIZA-PS, Alexandros Meikopoulos, forwards as Report no. prot. 255/20-02-2024 Memorandum of the PAN-HELLENIAN FEDERATION OF MILITARY UNIONS (P.O.E.S.) according to which it is requested to provide a solution to one of the major problems faced by the military with the ex officio demobilization of the EOP, due to premature occupying age limits.
As stated in the Memorandum, the EPOPs are “victims” of an oversight by the legislator, as a result of which they are not only not allowed to work under equal conditions with the rest of the staff of the ED, but now, despite the constitutional provisions on equality and equality, they are not they are not even allowed to have equal treatment in the insurance/pension system.
The representatives of P.O.E.S. they request that the specific problem be addressed by partially abolishing age limits and institutionalizing solutions for the completion of forty (40) insurance years, in order to maintain equality for all and at the same time to fully respect the right of those executives who do not wish to remain in the ED.
Attached is the Memorandum of the Panhellenic Federation of Military Unions (P.O.E.S.) Please reply and your own actions and inform me about it. The deponent MP Alexandros Meikopoulos

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