The issue of the delay in reimbursement of special education costs in the Greek Solution

Occasion document of the Military Union of the Regional Unity of the Islands of the Region of Attica (ESPEENPA)regarding the delay in reimbursement of special education expenses (speech therapy, occupational therapy, etc.), the issue comes to the BtE, in the context of the parliamentary control, with a question submitted by the Member of Parliament for 1st East Attica of the Hellenic Solution, Mr. Styliano Fotopoulos, as follows:
QUESTION: Fotopoulos Stylianou, Member of Parliament for Eastern Attica
TO: The Minister of National Defense
The Minister of Health
SUBJECT: “Medical Treatment (Reimbursement of Expenses)”
Dear Ministers,
According to a letter from the Islands Military Regional Unit (ESPEE Nisonon), which was circulated in the electronic media, officials of the Navy (PN) are complaining about delays in reimbursements for special education expenses (such as speech therapy, etc.). And the reason for the several months of delay, according to ESPEEN, is the change in the framework of medical care for the military. Following the letter, the speech and occupational therapies, for which there were already opinions from the Supreme Naval Health Committee (ANHE) and their treatments, were normally reimbursed until then. However, based on the new data, the specific treatments now fall within the scope of the EOPYY, with the consequence that new opinions are required from the ANYE.
The ANYE on the subject cannot in due time review or re-evaluate the cases, because the staff of the PN cannot meet with her treating doctor for a long time. Finally and in the interim, the sessions of the children under treatment (basically) continue, without any resumption of compensation payments to their parents, who continue to pay the amounts corresponding to the sessions in question.
Given all the above, the Ministers are asked:
Do you intend on the one hand to immediately pay the compensations (with retroactive effect) corresponding to the totality of the treatments of the interested parties and on the other hand to speed up the referral process for re-evaluation of the cases by the ANYE within the current month (February)? Questioning Member of Parliament PHOTOPOULOS STYLIANOS

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