The issue of injustices in the one-time payment of the beneficiary to the executives of the ED in the BtE

On the occasion of our Federation’s documents, regarding the restoration of injustices in the one-time payment of the beneficiary to the ED executives, a question was submitted to the BtE, in the context of the parliamentary audit, by the PASOK-KINAL MP from Corfu, Mr. Dimitrios Biagis as follows:
To the Minister of National Defence
Subject: “Additional lump sums”
In continuation of question no. 2546/1.3.23 of PASOK-Movement for Change, which was not answered, the matter is re-promoted, as follows: According to the decisions of the Council of State (Council of State), the unconstitutionality of the cut of special salaries was deemed of the military made with Law 4093/2012. In partial compliance with the decisions of the Council of Ministers, the A. Samaras Government proceeded with Law 4307/2014 to readjust salaries by 50%, leaving open the possibility of full compliance when the the country’s finances allowed it. With its latest decision, the Council of State deemed unconstitutional the partial compliance of 50% and the A. Tsipras Government proceeded with new legislation for the remaining 50% with Law 4575/2018, but without regulating the readjustment of salaries in accordance with the decision of the Council of Ministers, as was done with Law 4307/2014, giving only retroactively in the form of a one-off benefit for the period until the implementation of the new salary with Law 4472/2017 (come into force 1/1 /2017).The result of the above non-adjustment of the salaries is to affect the lump sum paid to those who received it upon reaching 35 years of age or retirement for the period 2013-2016. It is emphasized that, with Law 4307/2014, the beneficiaries of one-off assistance received retroactively 50% of the difference resulting from the 50% adjustment of the salary. 18.2.21 question from the Change Movement, which was answered with no. pr. F.900a/2972/17612/18.3.21 document of the Ministry of National Defence. In the answer, among other things, it is stated that: “…for the first-instance decisions against the Special Mutual Aid Accounts, relevant appeals have been brought or are going to be brought before the competent Administrative Court of Appeal.” and”…we are aware that the competent Department of the Ministry of National Defense (MND) is processing the submission of a relevant proposal, in order to decide on the most appropriate solution to deal with the issue of the additional one-off aid, based on the statutory legislation on the Special Mutual Aid Accounts of the Armed Forces and the existing jurisprudence.”. As we learned from the appeals brought before the competent Administrative Appeals Courts, final decisions have already been issued in which the appellants are vindicated and the Special Mutual Assistance Accounts (ELOA) have already started paying the additional one-off benefits to the beneficiaries .Given that, in the recently passed Law 5018/2023, there was no provision on the matter for a corresponding amendment of the provisions of Law 4575/2018.Given that the government must deal with the above-mentioned matter and ensure the restoration of the problems that concern a large number of retirees from all three branches of the country’s Armed Forces. Given that a long period of time has passed and there has been no overall development on the matter. THE COMPETENT MINISTER IS ASKED 1. You intend to take any legislative action in order to regulate the whole matter of awarding supplementary one-off aid to the beneficiaries, in full compliance with the relevant decisions of the Supreme Court and the Administrative Appeals Courts, within the framework of the principle of equality and good administration, exempting all the beneficiaries from claiming it through legal means?2. Why, while you were aware of the issue, did you not regulate it with the recently passed law 5018/2023 with a corresponding amendment to the provisions of law 4575/2018, so that there is full compliance with the decisions of the Council of Ministers?
The Questioning Member of Parliament
Dimitris Biagis

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