The issue of housing for the military in BtE by SYRIZA-PS

Regarding No. prot. 201/2024 document of our Federationregarding the major problem of housing faced by the military, the matter comes in the context of the parliamentary control in the BtE, with a petition filed by the MP of Magnesia of SYRIZA-PS, Mr. Meikopoulos Alexandros, as follows:
REPORT For the Minister of National Defence
SUBJECT: “Military Housing”.
The Member of Parliament for Magnesia of SYRIZA PS Alexandros Meikopoulos forwards as Report no. prot. 201 09 02 2024 Memorandum of the PAN-HELLENIAN ASSOCIATION OF MILITARY UNIONS (P.O.E.S.) according to which it is requested to provide a solution to one of the major problems faced by the military, that of housing, for reasons related, among others, with the frequency of transfers of the executives of the ED, in particular the FSA, as well as the time-consuming procedures of the corresponding Councils.
As noted in the Memorandum Memorandum, transfers of executives are disclosed relatively slowly and usually have a very short implementation time, which is rapidly shrinking with no time for an adversarial appeal. The available buildings of the ED branches are very few in relation to the number of military personnel, sometimes inappropriate. Rents nationwide have risen dramatically, while available homes have dwindled and regular commutes prevent executives from considering buying, even in the few cases where they do because the terms of loan agreements are excruciating.
The representatives of P.O.E.S. request that the following measures be undertaken in the context of staff care: To be submitted by each General Staff full needs for the housing of the staff, in order to prepare a program for the gradual construction of buildings where necessary.
Article 6 of (b) should be amended immediately. To establish a rent subsidy in all areas without exception and on fair terms.
To conclude a contract with a bank through the Ministry of the Interior, within the framework of the permanent possibility of granting housing loans to military personnel on preferential terms and finally to modify in a realistic way the conditions for assigning executives with regard to housing in all military buildings
Attached is the Memorandum of the PAN-HELLENIAN FEDERATION OF MILITARY UNIONS (P.O.E.S.) Please for the answer and your own actions and to inform me about it. The deponent MP Alexandros Meikopoulos

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