The insidious plan of the Turks with the immigrants in Evros – Aim to raise the issue of new borders!

By baiting the impoverished immigrants, Erdogan is trying to implement an inhumane and insidious plan that looks forward to a review of the borders!

Greek-Turkish: Is Turkey trying to provoke a new invasion of illegal immigrants in our country? It seems that Recep Tayyip Erdogan has an insidious plan “in the works” in order to hurt Greece, similar to the one two years ago in Evros.

According to what is revealed in the incident with the 38 immigrants who… suddenly from an islet in Turkish territory found themselves inside Greek territory!

Typical of what Bayda, a member of the group of immigrants, said, who revealed that the Turks pushed them twice to islets in the Evros, separating them “as if in a football match”. As he typically says: “The Turks separated us twice. We were 50 people who were deported from Turkey to a Greek island. Then the Turks pushed us to a second island and threw many people to this island and separated us as if we were in a football match, between the two sides, the Greek and the Turkish.”

The Minister of Immigration and Asylum, Notis Mitarakis, confirmed the above with his statements: “From their statements, they came to the Turkish side of the river, they were pushed towards the islet by the Turkish Authorities. Officially, the Turkish authorities arrested these migrants inside Turkey, they did not give them the right to apply for international protection, as Turkey is bound to do by international law. On the contrary, the Turkish Gendarmerie brought them to the banks of the Evros and with the threat of violence forced them to come to Greece.”

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As it turns out, there is a Turkish plan for the Evros. The Turks wanted to cause an incident and it did not happen by accident By baiting the impoverished immigrants, the insidious Erdogan is expected to cause more such incidents.

According to what high officials of the Government estimate, Turkey is playing a “dirty game” of the Turks in order to cause a diplomatic, even heated episode! What is their goal? Even raising the issue of new borders with Greece!

The Government believes that for two weeks the Turks wanted to provoke the Greek border guards (even the army) to enter and reach the islet (where it is in Turkish territory) with the fake videos that they falsely spread that these immigrants were on Greek territory. As soon as this would happen then the Turkish forces would appear and naturally as a result we would have an episode of tension.

For decades, Turkey has been trying to raise the issue of search and rescue in the Aegean and now it seems that it is trying to raise the same issue at the land border in Evros.

Wanting to take advantage of the river level that changes from winter to summer, Turkey is trying to gain meters inside Greek territory!

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