“The Gray Wolves keep an eye on the Aegean”

Detailed article on Erdogan’s ambitious diplomatic agenda on the website of the ZDF television network, which also refers to the claims against Greece:

“Every now and then Turkish fighter jets penetrate Greek airspace.

»Turkey is openly threatening the Greeks with violence if Athens does not withdraw its troops from Greek islands in the Aegean opposite the Turkish coast.

»Ankara invokes international treaties of the previous century.

“Through Twitter, Erdogan warned the Greeks not to have dreams that they may later regret.

“These resonate with voters.

“The president responds to the nostalgia of many Turks for the revival of Ottoman greatness”.

An article by the Rheinische Post entitled “The Gray Wolves eye the Aegean” refers to the territorial claims against Greece put forward by the nationalist party MHP, Erdogan’s government partner.

Among other things we read: “For months now, the Turkish government has been questioning Greek sovereignty over 22 Aegean islands.

»The new element is that even Crete, the largest Greek island, is considered Turkish.

“The Gray Wolves map shows ‘where the borders have been drawn for Turkish national consciousness,'” Gray Wolves head Yildirim said via Twitter.

“But Foreign Minister Cavusoglu is also exaggerating the dreams of a Great Turkey”.

The columnist notes that Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis had asked Erdogan to take a position on Bahtceli’s claims, but “so far Erdogan is silent.

»He is not expected to keep his distance from Bakhtseli, with whom he co-rules since 2018.

“Without the MHP, Erdogan does not have a majority in Parliament.

“He urgently needs the votes of Turkish nationalists for the parliamentary and presidential elections held in the spring.

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“Observers therefore estimate that in the coming months Erdogan will continue to incite confrontations with Greece”.

“Greece, a (cross-)border experience” is the title of another Rheinische Post report, which plays on the words “borders” and “borders”, to cover the Burbok visit focusing on Piraeus, Frontex and the debate on illegal redirects.

“Burbok is aware of the conclusion of OLAF, the European Anti-Fraud Office,” reports the newspaper’s envoy in Athens.

“The finding accuses Frontex that its employees have been involved in the illegal machinations of the Greek coast guard and have abandoned people seeking asylum on the open sea, in rickety boats.

It is even alleged that Frontex has supported the Greek “pushbacks” with European taxpayers’ money.

“After the visit, Berbock says that European values ​​apply to Europe’s external borders, which are also monitored by Frontex:

“”If we look elsewhere, then our values ​​will sink into the Mediterranean. Individual incidents must be investigated.”

On the same issue, the information website Tagesschau.de of the first program of German television (ARD) notes:

“Frontex is accused of being indifferent to the violent pushbacks of refugees into the sea by the Greek coast guard.

“During her visit to Athens, Foreign Minister Burbok said that this is “not consistent with European law”.

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