The goal is the Greek PN! Land version of Turkish ATMACA and ÇAKIR anti-ship missile systems

Turkey Installs Coastal Surveillance and Early Detection Radar Along Its Coastline in Asia Minor

The Turks are directly targeting our islands and our naval surface units on them. we had reported recently.

According to new information, Roketsan plans to conduct the first launch of the ÇAKIR Missile this year with the aim of interfacing with the coastal radar system

The IIR ATMACA and ÇAKIR missiles (with an infrared radiation search head) will be used as a coastal defense system in the Aegean-Black Sea and Eastern Mediterranean.

Participating in the 2nd Antalya Diplomacy Forum (ADF), Roketsan Director General Murat Ikinci answered questions, saying that the first launch of ATMACA missile equipped with IIR Seeker Head will take place within this year.

“As Roketsan, we work for the Coastal Defense System. In addition to the ATMACA shipboard system, we will soon implement our Coastal Defense System, which we have developed on top of the ATMACA anti-ship missile.

In this direction, we will conduct ness tests of ATMACA and ÇAKIR missiles with an (Imaging Infrared Seeker) (IIR) warhead, which we will use in the Coastal Defense System this year,” he said.

According to Turkish press information, it is a version of the ATMACA IIR guided missile equipped with the Turbojet KTJ-3200 engine.

The IIR Guided ATMACA missile also has anti-jamming features, and can be launched from a vehicle and hit a fixed target at sea.

The ATMACA anti-ship missile currently in use on the TCG KINALIADA Corvette (F-514) uses a Radar (RF) Seeker and has a maximum range of 220+ km.

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What is Turkey seeking in the Aegean?

Information from Turkish defense websites on a social network states that Turkey is installing coastal surveillance and early detection radars along its coastline on the Asia Minor coast.

These radars will all be connected and networked with ground mobile ATMACA anti-missile systems, by surface units, against the backdrop of the presence of course of the Greek navy on our islands.

This can create a zone of denial of access to a maritime area of ​​280 km from the coasts of Asia Minor to the islands of the Eastern Aegean, in an attempt by the Turks to target our country.

Turkish experts say that this vast coastal radar system is related to illegal activities, such as people smuggling, border violations and drug trafficking, but the essence of course lies elsewhere.

This “elsewhere”, however, concerns its interconnection with ATMACA mobile anti-missile systems, against surface units, which is translated against the Greek navy that will operate on our islands.

One solution would be EXOCET MM40 BLOCK 3 missiles with a range of 200 km on our islands

We remind you that a proposal with huge geopolitical and military dimensions for our islands and the Aegean was made by the French company MBDA, which proposed to our country the formidable Exocet coastal defense missile system, during the defense exhibition DEFEA 2021.

In this report it was proposed to the Greek army by the French, the sale of a number of coastal missile systems to be mounted on an 8×8 truck, equipped with four Exocet missile launchers.

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The French Exocet mobile coastal defense system provides fast-moving missiles, mounted on a special vehicle, with the ability to deny access to a sea area, neutralize coastal threats and surface units in strategic areas for Greece, such as our islands.

The system is based on the latest version of the EXOCET MM40 BLOCK 3 missile, which is in service around the world.

In this case, Ankara would not attempt any amphibious action on any of our large Greek islands, because without the achievement of a naval blockade, it would not be able to achieve the creation of a bridgehead, since its elimination would be a matter of time for our forces.

So the only thing the Turks could attempt (in such a scenario), would be a surprise attack against our dozens of micro-islands, which would not be covered by missile systems, cannons and mortars from our neighboring islands.

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