The career issues of the executives of the Music Corps in BtE from the Hellenic solution

On the occasion of documents from our Federation and the Military Union of the Regional Unit of Chios (E.S.PE.E.XI.), regarding the chronic distortion in the evaluation of the executives of the music corps, the matter comes to the BtE, in the context of the parliamentary control , with a question submitted by the Member of Parliament A of Athens of the Hellenic Solution, Mr. Grammenos Vasilios, as follows:
QUESTIONED: Grammenos Vassiliou, Member of Parliament for Athens TO: Mr. Minister of National Defense
SUBJECT: “Career of Band Executives”
Mr. Minister, According to the document of the Hellenic Federation of Military Unions (FOES) with No. Prot.: 234/16-02-2024, in question highlights, based on an attachment of ESPEHI, a distortion in the evaluation of the executives of the Music Corps (MS). The problem is found, as he concludes, “…in the absence or non-provision of the establishment of a separate School with a related subject to the specialty of the evaluated members of the Music Corps”. T
and executives (MS), as he continues, “…participate in a school with educational material that concerns objects intended for the evaluation of Weapons executives and in fact in a minimum period of time (3 weeks)”. Given all the above, Mr. . Minister:
Do you intend to create, according to the FOES, “… a separate evaluation School for the Executives of the Music Corps, on the subjects in which they train and apply every day”?
The questioning Member of Parliament GRAMMENOS VASILIOS

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