The big deal for the armored Lynx and the German factory in Greece

According to the plan, the factory will employ at least 300 workers, while it is assumed that Rheinmetall will cooperate with Greek companies.

Talks between the Greek government and the Germans of Rheinmetall, manufacturer of the KF 41 Lynx Armored Combat Vehicles, are reportedly at an advanced stage. Rheinmetall’s proposal seems to concern the transfer of the production line of the mighty TOMA to Greece and the construction of a factory with a simultaneous order from the Hellenic Armed Forces for at least 200 Lynx with the prospect of acquiring additional Armored Vehicles in the future. In other words, the German company appears positive to manufacture the Lynx in Greece as long as Athens proceeds to order a significant number of TOMAs in order for the investment to be sustainable with the prospect of claiming other contracts both from Greece and from other countries in the coming years which are interested in Lynx.

Given the intention of the Military Leadership and the GES to gradually proceed with the replacement of the fleet of approximately 2800 aging M-113s, such an agreement, if finally implemented, appears to be advantageous for both sides. Since the Greek Armed Forces and specifically the Land Army will procure a state-of-the-art powerful Armored Fighting Vehicle with a large part of the money required to return to Greece while the Germans will proceed with a major investment in an allied and stable country.

According to information from Newpost, the issue has already been discussed at the highest political level with both sides appearing positive, while the two defense ministries and of course the manufacturing company have a key role in the talks. The German factory, if the agreement goes ahead, is expected to be set up either in the area of ​​Magnesia or Thessaloniki, with the relevant contacts being in full progress. According to the plan, it will employ at least 300 workers, while it is assumed that Rheinmetall will cooperate with Greek companies.

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Next week the Armored Fighting Vehicle will be in Greece, specifically at KETTH in Avlona where it will be officially presented. In particular, three Lynx prototypes will demonstrate the capabilities of TOMA day and night, while the program also includes a presentation of SilentMode using batteries and not the engine.

The Lynx was designed in 2015 and is one of the most modern TOMAs in the world arsenal. With powerful armor, high-tech electronic aids and great firepower. In the battle tower it has a 30mm gun of various versions and a 7.62 machine gun. Uses high-performance ammunition against different targets. In addition to armouring, i.e. passive protection, Lynx has the option of adding active protection systems. It can develop a speed of up to 70 km with a range of more than 500 km.

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