The big clearance! Greece received plenty of American material that replaced Russian-made armaments

Bells for Greece- The US has successfully emptied European arms warehouses due to Ukraine and sold off multi-billion weapon systems to EU countries

About 10 European countries have provided Ukraine with 100% of the promised military aid to Ukraine, which amounts to several billions, while at the same time the US has been able to offload huge amounts of Russian-made war material, with the intention of replacing it with American.

As is natural for the war in Ukraine, however, it brings a tsunami of developments not only in the humanitarian, energy and land sectors, but also in the security sector.

“The United States found an opportunity to sell off large quantities of weapons to Europe to replenish military stockpiles after sending most of the equipment to Ukraine,” said Serbian defense analyst Slobodan Samardzija.

” The US has successfully emptied European ammunition depots having supplied all weapons to Kyiv. If a conflict similar to the Ukrainian one breaks out now between European countries, European armies will find themselves virtually unarmed.

It is NATO, or rather the Americans, who run everything. The Europeans are left only to wander into designated battlefields, kill and be killed, with varying degrees of success,” Samardzia said.

Now the countries of the North Atlantic Alliance were ordered to send their own weapons to the Ukrainian army for free and to acquire new weapons from the United States for their own needs.

Ukraine is not a member of NATO, but Europe was forced to comply with Washington’s order, the expert noted.

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“Now the world is forbidden to think about it, but the question is, what will happen when the hostilities finally stop and everyone has to face tens of thousands of Ukrainians armed to the teeth and embittered?” Samardza ​​told Serbian newspaper Politika.

Magically in the Balkans

We remind you that out of the thousands of weapons that Western countries bring to Ukraine, many of them were magically found in the Balkans (Kosovo, Bosnia, Macedonia and elsewhere), causing alarm in the Greek intelligence services as well, about our northern borders.

The issue of arms trafficking from Ukraine was recently discussed at a meeting of EU interior ministers this week, with reports of arms being in the hands of Albanians in Kosovo and Serbs in Bosnia. NATO and EU states are pushing for better tracking and recording of weapons supplied to Ukraine, in response to fears that criminal groups are smuggling them out of the country to Europe’s black market.

Since Russia launched its war on Ukraine, Western nations have pledged more than $10 billion in military support, ranging from portable missile launchers and armored vehicles to rifles and massive amounts of ammunition.

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