The Athens Security Sub-Directorate arrested -3- members of a criminal organization for forgery

Greek police headquarters

Athens, June 9, 2023


The Athens Security Sub-Directorate arrested -3- members of a criminal organization for forgery

Searches were carried out in -4- houses, while in one of them a fully equipped laboratory for preparing fake documents was found

Among other things, -9- mobile phones, -4- printers, -2- laminators, -24- passports and -11- residence permits were confiscated

Yesterday, Thursday, June 8, 2023, three (3) foreigners were arrested by the Athens Security Sub-Directorate, of the Attica Security Directorate in Athens, and a case file was filed against them for – as the case may be – a gang that commits forgery and forgery of certificates as well as violation of the laws on the foreigners and drugs.

The case was preceded by an appropriate utilization of information, while in order to deconstruct the organization, investigations were carried out in a total of four (4) houses.

In fact, in one of them, a fully equipped laboratory for the preparation of fake documents was found, while in the context of the investigations in question, a total of the following were found and seized:

-9- mobile phones,
-320- euros,
-4- printers, printer ink, -2- laminators, printing machine and printer accessory for plastic cards, shredder and paper cutter,
-10- sheets of paper with passport photocopies as well as photocopies of residence permit, boarding pass, passports and asylum seeker card,
metal ring with -2- house keys, USB and card,
proof of sale- purchase of a multi-function machine (printer) and -3- rent collection receipts,
key pair,
courier company packaging,
-24- passports, -11- residence permits, -5- asylum seeker cards, -2- identity cards and -3- confirmations of filing an application for the issuance of a residence permit, one of which is obviously fake,
-2- laptops, monitor and computer tower consisting of a hard disk,
-355- white plastic cards, -81- white plastic cards with a chip on them and -11- plastic cards as well as a number of self-adhesive pieces of paper,
-2- ink carbon for stamps, -45- stamps,
-4- identity photos,
-24- matrices of travel documents and residence permit card,
pair of glasses,
improvised nylon packaging with -2.12- grams of hemp (raw) and plastic packaging with -1.32- grams of hemp (raw),
plastic tab with replacement letters, numbers and stamp symbols and
device for checking the authenticity of legalizing documents.

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Those arrested will be taken to the competent prosecuting authority.

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