The alarm remains in Evros – New incredible challenges from Turkey

There is no end to the Turkish provocations with the violations of the Greek internal space… give and take – “Alert” in Evros.

Greek-Turkish: While Hulusi Akar is making incredible threats, Turkey’s provocative attitude continues with new overflights over Greek islands.

On Tuesday morning (23/08) two pairs of Turkish F-16 entered the Athens FIR, without filing a flight plan, violated the national airspace and then:

The first Turkish pair flew over Divounia, northwest of Kasos-Karpathos, at 27,000 feet at 10:57 am and three minutes later the second pair of Turkish F-16s flew over Kamilonissi, northwest of Kasos-Karpathos, at 27,000 feet also.

In all cases, the Turkish aircraft were recognized and intercepted by corresponding Greek fighters, in accordance with international rules, according to standard tactics, as announced by the Greek Defense Ministry.

Border alert

So all this at the moment when the guarding of the borders in Evros comes to the top of the agenda of the extraordinary meeting of KYSEA. By baiting impoverished migrants, Erdogan is trying to implement an insidious plan aimed at raising the issue of new borders, provoking a hybrid war through immigration.

In fact, the former leader of Turkey’s General Assembly, it is clear that there is an intention for illegal immigrants to become a “weapon” against Greece.

On the other hand, the Greek side is further strengthening the fence on the Evros in order to avoid a new invasion attempt like the one in March 2020.

It should be noted that the issue of refugees has returned to the agenda recently, especially after the confinement of 38 people on an island on the Greece-Turkey border and the admission of the death of a 5-year-old child.

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