The 14 Greek frigates and corvettes and the Mitsotakis problem

Souda and Russia have given second thoughts to the announcements and planning of the P.N.

The 14 Greek frigates and corvettes are the number that the Greek Navy has set as a target (operational limit) for the new warships (frigates and corvettes) and Mitsotakis’ reflection on whether or not to announce the new Greek corvettes to the TIF.

If there was not the energy crisis in Europe, the result of Ukraine’s war with Russia would already be the announcement of the new Greek corvettes (including the battle between Doha and Gowind).

However, the energy crisis that brought and will bring increased costs for Greek households has put a brake (s.s. more reflection) on whether the announcement of the new Greek Corvettes by the Greek Prime Minister at the Thessaloniki International Fair will be useful.

The reflection at Maximos has to do with whether the official announcement is necessary at this time or whether it is more convenient for any development to occur “under the radar”.

So far, it seems that the second opinion is winning, for the non-announcement of the new Greek corvettes.

The 14 Greek frigates and corvettes and the Mitsotakis problem

At the same time, the operational ceiling of the Greek P.N. remains at 13 to 14 ships, but even there there are voices that talk about the need to acquire at least three more ships, if the construction of the second Greek anchorage in Souda is activated (s.s. that will be activated) (s.s. the it is followers of this view who also favor the solution of the five Gowinds).

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It should be noted that a new potential addition to the list of new Greek corvettes has recently emerged, which does not leave many inside the Pentagon indifferent.

The unofficial addition for the time concerns the German SEAGUARD 96 which have tremendous technological characteristics, but are considered a bit small compared to the competition, with a displacement of 2,000 tons.

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