Test firing of the Akeron-MP anti-tank missile in Cyprus

On September 29, test firings of Akeron-MP anti-tank missiles took place in Cyprus, within the framework of the European LYNKEUS program, in which Cyprus also participates.

Two shots were fired at targets, at distances of 2.5-3 km, in autonomous mode (the UAV was controlled by the firing vehicle) and in cooperative mode (the UAV was controlled by another vehicle). Both shots were successful. France, Belgium and Cyprus participate in the LYNKEUS programme. At the center of the program is MBDA’s new MMP anti-tank missile.

The aim is to develop a medium-range European anti-tank capability, with the least possible exposure to risk to the user and minimizing the potential for collateral or friendly casualties.

One of the requirements of the program is the principle of “concentration of fire without the need for concentration of means”, that is, each system should be autonomous and effective, without the need to use two systems to attack a target.

In terms of flexibility, the program aims for a system that is portable, but also can be integrated into regular vehicles, armored vehicles and (mainly) unmanned vehicles.

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