TAMS “NIKITIS – DIMITRA 2023”: Offensive Activity of the Tactical Group of the 2nd Infantry Regiment


On Wednesday, June 14, 2023, the Regular Group of 2u Infantry Regiment within the framework of the “NIKITIS – DIMITRA 2023” TAMS, carried out an exercise at the level of an Infantry Battalion of the TAMS “PLA (PZ) NIKOLAOS PAPAGEORGIOU”. THE exercise was double-edged and considered the scenario of executing a counterattack to eliminate enemy penetration into the Group’s area of ​​responsibility, intercept the enemy before the line of interception, and destroy it.

The offensive action was carried out by an Infantry Battalion, supported from the other Units of the Constitution and pair of helicopters GAZELLE of the Aviation Administration. In addition, in the context of the exercise, the Administrative Care levels of the Constitution were developed, which provided the foreseen technological support.

The exercise was attended by the Deputy Chief of the National Guard, Lt. Gen. Loukas Hatzimihail, who noted the high level of training, professionalism and operational readiness of the personnel of the Regimental Units.

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