TAMS “NIKITIS – DIMITRA 2023”: Offensive Action of the 7th M/K Infantry Brigade


On Thursday, June 15, 2023, as part of the “NIKITIS – DIMITRA 2023” TAMS, the 7the Mechanized Infantry Brigade planned and executed a TAMS “AGIOS KENDEAS” Motorized Infantry Company Group level exercise. The exercise was dual action and examined the offensive action scenario.

The offensive action was carried out by a Motorized Infantry Company Group consisting of tanks and motorized personnel carriers. The action was supported by the organic Artillery and Mortar Units of the Brigade. In addition, in the context of the exercise, the Brigade’s Administrative Care levels were deployed, which provided the foreseen technological support.

The National Guard units of the Brigade as well as the National Guard of the Rhodes National Guard also took part in the exercise. in the context of the “Special Cooperation – Strengthening of Relations” between National Guard Units of Greece and Cyprus, which began in 2018. The Rhodesian National Guard, in addition to their participation in the “AGIOS KENDEAS” TAMS they also took part in a number of training and operational scenarios carried out by the Brigade within its framework TAMS “NIKITIS – DIMITRA 2023”.

Upon completion of the exercise, the Chief of the National Guard, Lt. Gen. Dimokritos Zervakis, he congratulated the personnel of the Brigade for the successful conduct of the exercise, as well as for the high level of readiness and operational training, professionalism and high morale demonstrated. In addition, the Chief, ehe thanked the National Guardsmen of the Brigade and the TETH of Rhodes for their response and participation and congratulated them for the high level of preparedness, morale and selfless interest they demonstrate in improving their training.

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