TAMS “NIKITIS – DIMITRA 2023”: Activities of Naval Administration


From June 12 to 16, 2023, as part of the TAMS “NIKITIS-DIMITRA 2023”, the Naval Administration (NA) planned and executed various operational scenarios that simulate real conditions in the naval environment and stem from the mission of the Naval Commands and Units .

The scenarios that were examined related to dealing with conventional and asymmetric threats, as well as the implementation of the Administrative Care system, with the aim of promoting the operational readiness and combat capability of the Navy and its Units, as well as the evaluation of the Naval Operations Command and Control System .

In particular, during the exercise, surface fire from the Warships, Tactical Movements and Forward Maneuvers, damage control drills, cooperation and information exchange, scenarios for dealing with an asymmetric threat as well as surveillance – interdiction of maritime space were carried out. Also examined were the procedures applied by the Defense Ministry during Special Operations, as well as Aeronautical Cooperation with I/O AW-139 of the Aviation Administration.

Phase of the exercise was attended by the Minister of Defense, Mr. Michalis Giorgallas, the Deputy Minister of Shipping, Ms. Marina Hatzimanoli, the Deputy Chief of the National Guard, Lt. Gen. Loukas Hatzimihail, who also attended other phases of the exercise, as well as the Hierarchy of the Greek Armed Forces, who congratulated the staff of the National Guard for the high level of readiness and operational training, as well as the high morale and the professionalism he demonstrated.

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