Tactical Judgments of Senior Officers of the Armed Forces

The SAGE, during its 7th Meeting, on Friday, March 1, 2024, decided as follows:

1. In the Navy

a. “Preservables” their:

(1) Rear Admiral Vlachos Konstantinos PN

(2) Rear Admiral Floros Georgios PN

(3) Rear Admiral Mikropoulos Theodoros PN

(4) Rear Admiral (M) Dimitroglou Panagiotis PN

(5) Rear Admiral (O) Skreka Georgios PN

(6) Rear Admiral (YI) Papageorgiou Antonio PN

b. “Successfully finishing their careers” their:

(1) Vice-Admiral Demestichas Michael PN

(2) Rear Admiral (M) Skeparnakos Christos PN

2. In the Air Force

a. “Preservables” their:

(1) Lieutenant General (I) Zolota Konstantinos

(2) Lieutenant General (I) Horti Apostolos

(3) Lieutenant General (MA) Fanara Dimitrios

(4) Lieutenant General (O) Georgios Georgiadis

(5) Lieutenant General (YI) Kostopoulos Panagiotis

b. “Successfully finishing their careers” their:

(1) Lieutenant General (I) Giorgios Giapitzis

(2) Lieutenant General (I) Kefala Alexander

(3) Lieutenant General (I) Economou Evangelos

(4) Lieutenant General (MA) Halvatzi Anastasios

(5) Lieutenant General (EA) Mitsopoulos Apostolos

3. In the Common Law Body

“preservable” Major General (NOM) Economides Dimitrios

4. In the Joint Body of Financial Inspectors

“preservable” Major General (OE) Priovolos Aristotelis

5. To the Joint Corps of Military Judicial Clerks

“preservable” Major General (SDG) Vlachogiannis Dimitrios

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