Syria to Turkey: If you invade our country, our army will beat you

A war conflict between Syria and Turkey is possible

There was a reaction from the government of Damascus to the military operation planned by Turkey in northern Syria. The Syrian army said that “we are fully prepared to deal with any possible aggression from Turkey”.

Speaking to the official Damascus news agency SANA, a military source said Turkey would resist any possible attack by Ankara and “terrorist organizations” after “intensifying provocations and attacks against various areas and the Syrian armed forces” in the Syrian ground in the last two days.

On the other hand, speaking to Bloomberg, Erdogan’s Spokesman, İbrahim Kalın said: “Our perspective in Syria is first of all the process of political negotiation within the framework of the UN resolution number 2254, which concerns the completion of the work of the Constitutional Commission. But unfortunately, developments in the field were in the opposite direction.

We are keeping nearly a million people safe as our fight against the terrorist threat continues. That’s why our President said that a new military operation could happen at any time. We will not ask permission from anyone for this. We don’t have to explain the schedule to anyone, but we will move based on our security risks. In our assessment, such an operation could take place at any time,” he said.

Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu pointed out that the US and Russia did not keep their promises to clear terrorists from the region and stressed that the countries in question were not sincere in their fight against terrorism.

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Cavusoglu said they also held talks with Iran to remove terrorists from the region and said: “We will give all kinds of political support to the work of the regime (the Damascus administration) in this regard. It is the most natural right of the regime to purge a terrorist organization on its own soil. But it is not right for the Assad regime to see the moderate Syrian opposition as terrorists.”

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