Sweden sends letters to 16-year-olds: ‘How to help in case of war’

Instructions on how a young man can defend his country in case of war

Over 120,000 letters have so far been sent by the Swedish Agency for Protection and Preparedness MSB to young people turning 16 this year so they can defend themselves in the event of war.

So far it has never happened, but in case of war or threat of war, people up to the age of 16 can be called up for total defense (totalförsvar).

It may involve undertaking tasks such as helping to distribute food and water, demonstrating roads or distributing information.

Now the Swedish Agency for Protection and Preparedness MSB wants to increase the knowledge of young people about the duty of defence.

Over the course of the next week, over 120,000 people who have turned 16 or will turn 16 this year will receive a letter with information about crisis preparedness, civil defense and a brief history of the issue.

– From the age of 16 to 70, they are subject to the duty of defense. In the event of a heightened state of emergency or war in Sweden then everyone must be involved. And then we have to reach out to those who are younger, who may not know what can be done, says Charlotte Petri Gornitzka, general manager of MSB.

At Munkagårdsgymnasiet agricultural school in Tvååker, Varberg municipality, students get a sneak peek at new campaign material from the Protection and Preparedness Agency.

– It is positive that everyone knows what to do. To be able to defend one’s country and to be able to help, says Casper Segerström, 16 years old.

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