Strict US message to Ankara to “sit” quietly – B-52 bombers flew “over” Abdulhamid

CNN Turk post suggests Oruch Reis’ exit to the “Blue Homeland”

The US, which has repeatedly pointed out to Turkey that it especially wishes for calm in the region at this time, as the Pentateuch reveals, sent two B-52 strategic bombers to fly very close to where Abdulhamid Khan is located. The two B-52s entered the Athens FIR at 11:44 W of Kalamata and exited NW of Kastelorizo ​​at 12:45 entering the Turkish hinterland. From there they turned east and flew to the Gulf of Antalya where the Turkish drilling rig is located.

In the meantime, the proper planning and perseverance despite the adversities demonstrated by Nicosia in its energy program are beginning to bear fruit.

The Ministry of Energy of Cyprus in collaboration with the energy giants TOTAL and ENI announced the discovery of an impressive field in Block 6 of the Cyprus EEZ in the Kronos 1 target

“The Ministry of Energy, Trade and Industry announces that the work of the “Cronos-1” exploratory well has been successfully and safely completed, within Block 6 of the Exclusive Economic Zone of the Republic of Cyprus, by the joint venture of Eni Cyprus Limited and TotalEnergies EP Cyprus BV

The drilling, which was carried out by the drillship “Tungsten Explorer” in a water depth of 2,287 meters, demonstrated the existence of a column of pure natural gas of 260 meters. Based on the extensive analysis of the resulting data, the reservoir that was discovered has characteristics of good to excellent quality and has, according to preliminary estimates, a total amount of natural gas of 2.5 trillion cubic feet (Tcf).

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With the consortium and the Ministry of Energy already working on ways to accelerate and make the best use of this new discovery in Cyprus’ EEZ, including contributing to Europe’s efforts to strengthen its energy security, the Tungsten Explorer has now moved on to the target “Zeus-1″, for a new exploratory drilling in Block 6 in order to more accurately estimate the quantities of natural gas in said Block” says the announcement of the Ministry of Energy of Turkey

The Minister of Energy of Cyprus, Natasa Pileidou, in her post, pointed out that Nicosia’s moves in the energy field will continue: “New drilling is underway in block 6, target Zeus 1”

Athens and Nicosia are on alert as the indications increase that Ankara has set its sights on block 6. It is no coincidence that the recent flight of Turkish spies over the specific block, but also yesterday’s report by CNN TURK stating that the Oruts Race is returning to the Blue Homeland

In Turkey, the cabinet met with Erdogan once again aiming his arrows at the Eastern Mediterranean. “Abdulhamid is the symbol of the will to defend our rights in the Eastern Mediterranean,” said the Turkish president.

With the Turkish air force recording 57 violations and an air battle today and the pressures on Evros increasing, the KYSEA will meet in the afternoon in Maximos under the chairmanship of the prime minister with the main topic of guarding the borders in Evros.

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