Strange fire: Evros is burning on many fronts – It has reached the Dadia Forest

The fire in Evros is ongoing, which has spread on three different fronts while it has even reached the Forest of Dadia, with great concern that it may not even reach its core.

The firefighting forces have been mobilized from the first moment to the fire in Evros, at the Lyra dam, and on Thursday afternoon (21.7.2022) 102 firefighters with 4 groups of infantry divisions, 29 vehicles, 6 aircraft and 4 helicopters are working.

Army machinery and OTA water carriers are assisting in the firefighting work, while all the Fire Services of the Region of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace have been put on general alert.

The fire has reached the forest of Dadia, which contains unique biodiversity and is protected by the Natura treaty, which means that if the flames spread to its core, the ecological disaster will be enormous.

Speaking to, the mayor of Soufli, Panagiotis Kalakikos, states that “the fire is big and extinguishing it remains until now a difficult task. They are using large firefighting forces, but they still haven’t been able to control it.”

“The direction of the fire is constantly changing, creating by itself a microclimate that is difficult to control in a forest,” adds Mr. Kalakikos.

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