Special Forces Shield: Greece unites the Balkans and excludes Turkey

The defense diplomacy of GEETHA is paying off by torpedoing the Ottoman arc trying to revive Turkey in the Balkans.

By Christos Mazanitis

Our country, as a proven reliable ally, is the stable bulwark in NATO’s Southeast Wing, and in this the network of military diplomacy that GEETHA has established plays a primary role.

The military partnerships that have been developed with almost all the Balkan countries are not only bearing fruit but torpedoing any attempt by Turkey to revive the Ottoman arc in the region.

Through the exercises and especially the “Shadows of the Aegean”, the elite of the Special Forces of the Special Warfare Command that reports directly to the Chief, promotes joint exercises and joint trainings that promote and strengthen the allied spirit, cooperation and ultimately build strong bonds with shared beliefs and ideals.

Yesterday, Monday, October 31st, the great exercise of the Balkan Special Forces, Balkan Shield, began, which will last until November 11th. This is a Special Forces exercise between Special Operations Forces Units of the Countries: Albania, Skopje, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Montenegro and Romania.

On the Day of Distinguished Visitors, a high value target release scenario will be executed, during which APACHE, CHINOOK, SUPER PUMA, NH-90 Helicopters will be used.

For the first time in an exercise of this type, the newly acquired Polaris MRZR vehicles will be used and a parachute drop from a C-27 will be performed.

The MRZR is an all-terrain vehicle powered by a 3-cylinder, 993cc, 88hp diesel engine. It can reach speeds of up to 100 km/h and its 36 liter fuel tank gives it a driving range of around 250 km.

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