Since the coasts of Asia Minor will be a base for Turkish ballistic missiles, the solution is M57 ATACMS missiles

Greece’s goal is to neutralize the Turkish arrays at a depth of 300 km on the coast of Asia Minor-The non-upgraded RM-70 missiles do not reach the islands

Turkey, and especially Erdogan, has engaged in a huge psychological war against the Greek political leadership and Hellenism in general, with the laudatory announcements about “TYFONAS” missiles, and other weapons, in order to influence the whole situation in his favor, both internally and and abroad.

The repetition of the threat by the Turkish president, that the Turkish armed forces “will come at night” continuously, has its purpose, and in no case can it not be taken seriously.

How can we cancel the plans of the Turkish general staff with the ballistic missiles

It is known that we have RM-70 missile systems on the islands (which the Turks were furious to withdraw) with a current range of 17 km, while we are still waiting for their upgrade to 45 km, which is certainly in the minuses of the entire Greek armament effort .

Not only should we not ignore the “cries” of Erdogan and other “related officials”, but we should immediately and by all means procure American M57 ATACMS missiles with a range of 300 km.

At the same time, we will upgrade the M-142 and M-270 missiles to the higher version M-57E1, combined with the presence of Greek drones that will control everything in the entire imaginary axis from Thassos to Gavdos.

With these missile systems (M57 ATACMS) and with the upgrade of the existing ones that the Greek arsenal has at its disposal, we will create an area of ​​denial of access to the Turks on the Asia Minor coast 300 km deep, which will not be “allowed” to deploy mobile arrays for any kind of ballistic missile ( BORA-ATMACA-TAYFUN-GEZGIN).

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For the areas beyond this depth, the Greek air force, Rafale, F-16 VIPER and later probably the F-35, will assume its role in the event of a Greek-Turkish conflict.

Greek missile systems in the Aegean islands

The modernization of ASDEN’s MLRS-type Multiple Rocket Launcher systems in connection with the supply of modern long-range and extremely accurate guided munitions to our islands will “push” the Turkish missile systems deep into the Turkish hinterland, since in the event of their deployment they will be within range of the Greek systems.

It is true, the Turks have been working for some years very hard with the aim of controlling the Aegean by making it a maritime area fully controlled in their interests.

Ankara’s plan to control the Aegean and the Eastern Mediterranean

Turkey has long been installing 11 surface radar stations as part of the first phase of the Coast Guard Radar System (SGRS), aiming to fully control the Aegean in the CSAR search and rescue sector, while actually aiming for something even worse.

However, the essence of the Turkish reaction in the next period, which will make its appearance according to estimates simultaneously in the Aegean and Eastern Mediterranean, concerns the obstruction in every way of the East Med pipeline, which according to a new plan will transport Israeli, Greek Cypriot , Egyptian, Greek and….Saudi oil in Europe (in a pipeline that will reach from S.Arabia near Suez), changing the rune of the world’s energy map.

Now is the right time for Greece to play all its tricks, especially after the election of Netanyahu, and win against Turkey once and for all, since when the East Med gas pipeline is built, the Turks cannot raise our area nor kite without a permit.

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