Signing of the 2024 Tripartite Defense Cooperation Program with Greece and Egypt


On Wednesday, February 21, 2024, the Tripartite Defense Cooperation Program (PTAS) for the year 2024 was signed in Egypt between the National Guard (EF) and the Armed Forces (AF) of Greece and Egypt. The PTAS was signed, on behalf of the EF, by the Director of the Directorate of International Relations of the GEEF, Lt. Col. Dimitris Panagidis, and on the behalf of the ED of Greece and Egypt, Brigadier General Vasilios Tsamis and Brigadier General Mohamed Saad Al Bayomi respectively.

The program includes actions concerning, among other things, conducting joint exercises, trainings and exchange of best practices and expertise on specialized issues, both in Cyprus and in Greece and Egypt.

The PTAS is part of the wide network of bilateral and multilateral military cooperation actions developed by the EF with friendly countries which help to strengthen regional and international security.

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