Signing of a Military Cooperation Joint Actions Program with the New Jersey National Guard.


Her Wednesday, November 29, 2023, signed at the Headquarters of the General Staff of the National Guard, the first Program of Joint Military Cooperation Actions between the National Guard (NF) and the National Guard of the State of New Jersey for the year 2024. The Program was signed on behalf of the National Guard by the Director of the 4th Branch of the National Guard, Colonel Alcibiades Alcibiades and on the part of the New Jersey National Guard, Lt. Col. Kevin J. Murphy.

The Program was concluded in the context of the accession of the Republic of Cyprus (D.C.) up to 100The member atState Partnership Program – SPP”, of the USA, which was ratified on July 21, 2023 with the signing of a relevant agreement between the CD and its State New Jersey (see here Including provides for the conduct of exercises, joint trainings, exchange of expertise on specialized issues of mutual interest andparticipation personnel in schoolcourses and seminars in both Cyprus and America, which promote both interoperability and the exchange of know-how.

It is a continuation of a series of recent developments that confirm the upgrading of the military cooperation between the AF and the ED of the US, such as the Mutual Support Agreement in matters of Administrative Care (Acquisition and CrossServicing AgreementACSA), signed on September 19, 2022, the Bilateral Defense Cooperation Program, signed on December 29, 2022, the decision to lift the embargo on the sale of military equipment to Cyprus, as well as a significant number of exercises and joint trainings that have been implemented between the EDs of 2 countries.

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The Program of Joint Actions with his State New Jerseyis part of a wide network of military collaborations that the EF develops with the ED of friendly countries. It is also tangible evidence of the commitment and will to upgrade regional and wider international civil-military cooperation, as it has been recognized that addressing common challenges and promoting security and stability requires multilateral and multifaceted action.

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