Shocking scenes for the TED: Turks abandoned their positions and ran away – Dragging out by the Kurdish “lions”

Gerîla TV broadcast footage of an infiltration and seizure of Turkish military equipment during an operation carried out by rebels in the Kurojahro area.

The HPG Press Center announcement detailing the action said:

“Turkish troops around the Martyr Şemdin battle positions in the Kurojahro resistance area of ​​Zap were effectively fired upon by our teams from two directions in an action based on infiltration tactics. The details of the action are as follows:

The first group of rebels hit a military position where 2 Turkish soldiers were. The position hit at close range was destroyed and the 2 soldiers in it were killed.

The second group targeted another position of Turkish troops with grenades and atomic weapons. After our forces started firing, the soldiers abandoned their positions and ran away. The position our forces were targeting was destroyed.

The Turkish troops who attempted to fight back were also fired upon by our forces and 4 of them were killed. Our teams moved closer to the Turkish position and killed 2 more soldiers. 1 BKC gun, 150 BKC shells and 1 thermal binocular were seized from our forces. Another position targeted by our forces was effectively hit and destroyed.

As a result of this Revolutionary Revenge Operation carried out by our teams:

🔴 8 invaders eliminated
🔴 3 military fortifications were destroyed

🔴 military equipment, including a machine gun and thermal binoculars, were seized”

Watch the video by clicking on the following twitter:


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