Shock in Turkey from ExxonMobil’s gas exploration in Crete

The Americans “took it upon themselves” in the Aegean with the Turks being surprised by the announcements of Kyriakos Mitsotakis.

Yesterday’s announcements by Kyriakos Mitsotakis about the start of ExxonMobil’s investigations southwest of Crete caught Turkey off guard, which in the midst of its provocation in the Aegean is caught “unreadable” by the agreement Greece made with the American company.

In Sportime we wrote to you since July that the Americans are preparing to take action in the Mediterranean while putting the Turks in their place. A few months later this becomes a reality and the Turks are reportedly in a frenzy.

With the seismic surveys for the detection of natural gas starting in the next few days, the reactions from Turkey and Libya are expected with great interest. From Greece, however, there is a positive mood for talks with Libya and an agreement between them.

But how do the Turks react to all this? According to the report of Manolis Kostidis in SKAI, the Turkish press has been taken by surprise while at the same time “threatening” Turkish drilling rigs in the same area.

CNN Turk heard the first “warnings” that Turkey will send its own drillers if Greece agrees to Libya.

On the other hand, in Milliyet we read the Turkish analyst Ozay Cedir talking about an agreement made earlier by the Turks with Libya and about violating the terms of the Exclusive Economic Zone agreement. He characteristically writes: “If the US really loses its balance and pressures the Libyan government to come to an agreement with Greece, Turkey’s response will be clear. We agreed earlier with them and we will say ‘we are coming and starting the investigations.’

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Developments are expected immediately, while what Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan will say about the sudden move between Greece and the US is of great interest.

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